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“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” 

– Franklin D. Roosevelt


3000+ Hours of coaching experience 

250+ Hours of ICF accredited coaching training


Msc in Organizational Psychology and Coaching

Zarine is our Managing Director and Head Coach.

She is the founder of two businesses Amegtech (Alpha Middle East Green Technologies Ltd. Co.)  & Momentum Uncensored). Her mission at Momentum Uncensored is to  spear-head initiatives to evaluate current models of self-development, growth and achievement, in order to provide performance enhancing insight and deeper self-awareness to her clients. Zarine is avidly passionate about creating positive and lasting change in the lives of others, and is the driving force of our organization's ability to develop our clients to optimized levels of leadership, influence, power, and performance in their professional lives. Zarine currently coaches clients in Toronto, New York, Jordan and Dubai. 

Expertise: Organizational Psychology,  Coaching Psychology, Social Psychology, and High-Performance Coaching, Business Management, Performance Management, High-Performance Solutions, High-Performance Consuting.



Hanaan Al-Khamis, PR Manager - Damas

I never fully understood the benefits of coaching until I saw measurable changes in my performance. Zarine has changed everything from the way I look at problems, to the organizational goals of my department. I feel more prepared to overcome challenges than ever before.

Erum Khan, President - LaQuinta Inn & Suites

Zarine Is one of the most effective and innovative coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Thanks to her guidance, I have been able to discover my true potential as a senior leader in a career that had been stagnant for years. Her ability to really get you thinking about your goals, identify what you need to change to achieve them, and help execute on those changes are Invaluable. I highly recommend Zarine’s coaching services.

Hassan Youssef, Managing Director - ITT Innovations

Zarine was hired to coach my senior managers for a duration of 9 months. I could already see significant positive shifts in my team and their performance within the first 2 months. I can truly say we have benefited exponentially as an organization, and fully endorse Zarine's skills as a coach, and ability to provide a spot-on service. 

Rukhsana, Busines Owner - Simply for Life

I am beyond thrilled with my coaching experience. As a first time business owner, Zarine was an essential part of my entrepreneurial 

journey. Her ability to break down situations that seem impossible into simplicity and clarity were key to my success. I can not recommend her enough! 

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